Canyonlands National Park | Utah

I’m back. There’s a chill in the air here on the Australian East Coast and it’s got me reminiscing on our time in the desert when I’d actually forgotten what cold felt like. And the Coachella buzz doesn’t help either. So I turned my music up high, pulled out my laptop, opened my precious ‘USA Roadtrip 2016’ photo album and I’ve decided to pick up where I left off. 

It would have been silly to have not gone to Canyonlands, which neighbours Arches. The two parks are so similar and so different at the same time. Canyonlands is famous for its striking desert landscape that was carved by the Colorado River. This park is huge. It’s divided into four districts:

1.The Island in the Sky

2.The Needles

3.The Maze

4.The Rivers

To put the sheer size of this park into perspective, it’s a two hour drive between Island in the Sky and The Needles. We didn’t do any hectic hikes here, simply because many of the trails involve considerable mileage and travel deep down into the huge canyons. But we did a few short hikes and boy oh boy were they worth it. The photos speak for themselves. Our first day we spent exploring Island in the Sky. On our second day, we woke up before sunrise, hiked out to Mesa Arch and were gifted with the most incredible sunrise I have ever seen. Then we made our way down to The Needles where we stayed for the rest of the afternoon. 

D x

PS. The ‘hole in the rock’ and wall art aren’t actually in the park. It’s on the drive down from Island in the Sky to The Needles. 


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